Elizabeth Lever

About the artist Elizabeth Lever 

We are really lucky to have a limited selection of original and silk screens currently available.

Elizabeth Lever was born in Dorset in 1985. She studied at Falmouth University College in 2010 and has since been trained in fashion illustration and life drawing by professional artist Camilla Dixon. This training was experimental and dynamic, exploring the endlessly fascinating subject of the human form, both clothed and nude, in a range of media.

Elizabeth’s current series of nude cut-outs was initially inspired by Matisse’s Blue Nudes.
To achieve the vibrant colours, Elizabeth mixes acrylic paint and applies the block colour to paper. Once dry she then uses the cut-out method to create these elegant forms.
Working directly from live models, Elizabeth cuts coloured paper with a scalpel without any preliminary drawings. Because of this direct way of working, her female figures
are infused with energy and movement.