Picture Conservation

We always take the greatest care to use appropriate methods to protect and preserve your artwork. This includes frame sealing to prevent dust, dirt, etc from entering your picture, as well as the appropriate use of PH neutral materials.

However, some fragile or valuable artworks may need extra protection using specialist materials.Please do let us know your plans for the piece or if it is valuable so we can offer alternatives to suit.

Conservation Clear Glass – Clear glass with varying UV light filters. Perfect to help prevent the fading of valuable artwork.

Conservation Reflection Control Glass – Frosted glass to prevent light reflection with an added UV light filters, to help prevent both fading and light reflection.

Whitewater Museum Glass – High grade, museum quality clear glass with anti-reflective properties, UV ray protection and maximum transparency, meaning the colours of your artwork will display as truly as possible.

Humidity Preparation – If you are planning on placing your framed piece in an area of high humidity such as a bathroom please let us know. Nothing will completely prevent moisture from entering your picture, however there are certain preparations we can make in order to help.

Dry Mounting

The presentation of some artwork can be greatly improved by Dry Mounting which is not a conservation method and is not advisable to use on valuable pieces.

However, this dry mounting is useful as it flattens the artwork onto board and is excellent for smoothing out creases,as well as keeping your piece perfectly flat in its frame.

Dry mounting is not just limited to artwork on paper or card, as we can also dry mount some fabrics and canvases ready for framing as an alternative to stretching.

Please note dry mounting is not a reversible process is therefore not advisable to use on valuable or sentimental pieces.