Sports Framing

The bespoke framing of all sorts of clothing and sports memorabilia is one of our most popular services. Clothing is stretched, pinned and stitched by hand to look at its very best,so you can display your valued shirt with pride.

Sport shirts from local club sides through to premier league of any size can be framed alone or with pictures, medals, awards and include the option of adding a caption, so you can make the display truly personal.

We frame clothing, equipment and memorabilia from any sport including: football, polo, cricket, cycling netball, swimming, motor racing, horse riding and running.

We have a large selection of box frames to choose from (including ready-made), or if you have a frame in mind that is not deep enough we can build it up for you to fit your chosen item.

For more memorabilia framing ideas see our Memorabilia & 3D page