Picture Glass

Glazing for protection

We offer a variety of different types of glass for your artwork, which has improved with
the latest technology and are happy to advise as to which would best benefit your piece.

Broken glass and mirror cut to size or fitted in our workshop in Surrey, Weybridge High Street.If you already have a collection and wish to upgrade to a more suitable glass
we are always happy to advise and quote.

Ordinary Clear – High quality clear glass which is suitable for most artwork.

Water White Anti Reflection Control Glass – 5 Star Anti-Reflective.
An almost invisible, low iron glass with an optical interference coating.
This is our most popular glass with 65% UV protection.

Non-Reflective – Glass with a frosted finish to prevent light reflection.

Conservation Clear – Clear glass with a UV light filter 98%. Perfect for preventing
the fading of valuable artwork, or pictures that are in the way of direct sunlight.

Conservation Reflection Control – Frosted glass to prevent light reflection with an
added UV light filter, to prevent both fading and light reflection.

Museum Tru Vue – High grade, museum quality clear glass with anti-reflective
properties, UV ray protection and maximum transparency, making the colours of
your artwork display as truly as possible.

Plastic products – We offer shatter resistant options in Acrylic, Styrene and Perspex which are great for use in schools, sports clubs and public areas or for use on images that may be transported.