Lynn Young

We regularly exhibit and stock Lynn Youngs original sailing scenes

Lynn live in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. At 44, I have worked as an artist for nine years, having spent many a year before in the retail trade.
The two professions come together in my biggest project yet, when I was commissioned to
produce paintings for the Queen’s Jubilee and London Olympic visual merchandising campaign for the British shirt company Thomas Pink. The originals are in their flagship stores in London,Paris and New York and reproduced in the remainder of their 80 stores worldwide.

Some of the garments I embellished for one campaign were featured in an exhibition at the Brighton Museum alongside Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen garments.

The Cowes sailing scene and the sea are my inspiration. I hope that my sailing paintings show the energy and excitement that racing gives to people. I use photographs of local street names, local sands, acrylic, paper, fabrics and varnishes to give texture, and ‘splatting’ using toothbrush and palette knife.